AttackTRAX... a division of AMG, inserts hundreds of songs into major Hollywood feature films, independent films, short films, student films, documentaries, television/cable programs, extreme sports videos, exercise videos, Internet required presentations and many more that require music behind a client’s visual content.

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Some of our clients include:

"Congratulations to Mark S. Berry and the AttackTRAX team !!! Finally a Music Supervision website for licensing music into my projects with ease and functionality. I endorse the new AttackTRAX, a great and profitable way for music exposure and delivery. Definitely my GO TO site for cutting edge music across multiple genres."

MARCUS BARONE, Motion Picture Music Supervisor, (Behind Enemy Lines, Dumb and Dumber, Gang Related, Beverly Hills Ninja) - Exec in Charge of Music at Orion Pictures (1999-2000) and MPCA Columbia Tristar) (1992-99), Film Music Group (2000-present) President and Music Supervisor for Dumb & Dumber I, Dumb & Dumber II